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Chocolate legendary

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In 1519, to the famous Spanish explorer Cortez led the expedition into the hinterland of Mexico. Hard journey, the team after untold hardships, reached a plateau. The players are all tired back pain, exhausted, one by one lying on the ground in disorder, do not want to move. Cortez very anxious, the road ahead is still very long, the players are tired of this, and this can be how to do it?

Just then, from the foot of the mountain came a team of Indians. The friendly Indians saw Cortes, one by one, listless, and immediately opened their bags, removed some cocoa beans, crushed them into powder, boiled, boiled, and boiled in boiling soda and pepper . Suddenly a strong aroma filled the air.

The Indians took the dark water to Cortes. Cortes tasted, "Oh, bitter and spicy, hard to drink!" However, taking into account the etiquette to respect the Indians, Cortez and the players still reluctantly drank two.

Unexpectedly, only after a while effort, the expedition members seem to have been applied the same magic, physical strength has been restored! Cortez quickly surprised the Indians to inquire about the formula of cocoa water, the Indians truthfully told the recipe, and proudly said: "This is a fairy drink ah!

In 1528, Cortes returned to Spain, the king presented this cocoa made by the immortal drink, but, taking into account the characteristics of the Spanish diet, clever Cortes replaced with honey, sap and pepper .

"This is a good drink!" The king drank and applauded, and so Cortes was jazz.

Since then, cocoa beverages have swept the whole of Spain. A businessman named Larsco made a fortune by operating a cocoa drink.

One day, Larsco cooks drinks in whim: modulation of this drink, every time to cook, it is too much trouble! If it can be made into solid food, eat a small piece of time, a red water will be able to eat, or directly into the mouth can eat, that the good ah!

As a result, Lasco began trial and error. Eventually, he used a concentration, drying and other methods, successfully produced a solid cocoa beverage. As Cocoa drinks came from Mexico, in the Mexican dialect, it is called "chocolate clemento", therefore, lasco will be his solid cocoa beverage called "chocolate special".

Larsco invented the chocolate, is the first generation of chocolate.

Spaniards are very confidential. They are strictly confidential cocoa beverage formula, the formula of the special chocolate is also tight-lipped. Until 200 years later in 1763, a British businessman was successful in obtaining a formula, the introduction of chocolate to the United Kingdom. British producers in accordance with the taste of their own, in the raw materials to increase the milk and cheese, so, "cream chocolate" was born.

Creamy chocolate is the second generation of chocolate.

At that time, although the taste of chocolate is good, but and now the taste can not be compared. This is because the cocoa powder contains fat, can not be integrated with water, milk, etc., so the taste of chocolate is not smooth. Until 1829, the Dutch scientist Wan Howden invented the cocoa bean degreasing technology, only to make the color of chocolate flavor perfection.

After degreasing treatment produced chocolate, smooth and delicate, taste good, is the third generation of chocolate, which we now enjoy. Chocolate equipment

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