How to distinguish between true and false chocolate

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How to distinguish between true and false chocolate

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Currently on the market a lot of handmade chocolate is made on behalf of cocoa butter, would have been very cheap goods, because it is difficult to identify, so as a real chocolate to sell! Oh, if you do not want to be fooled, to learn the recipe on the ability to identify true and false!

True chocolate: natural cocoa butter and natural cocoa paste made of fine grinding of food, do not add artificial flavors and colors. This food is called chocolate. Fake chocolate: Vegetable oil (or hydrogenated vegetable oil) instead of natural cocoa butter, and low-quality cocoa powder made of food. Add artificial flavors and pigments and other additives. The real name of this food is: chocolate-flavored candy. Chocolate equipment

A. From the shape and taste

Ordinary consumers is difficult to distinguish between the two distinctions, due to the huge price difference, a lot of dishonest businessmen to sell this chocolate candy seriously chocolate. And because Chinese consumers have just come into contact with real chocolate, there is no concept and standard for the flavor and taste of real chocolate, so that chocolate flavor candy is chocolate, but also feel very delicious

In fact, fake chocolate as a candy is still very good to eat, but the taste of chocolate, taste, health value and retail value and true chocolate is completely can not be compared.

B. Melting point is different

Pure natural cocoa butter melting point of 30 degrees, while the hydrogenated vegetable oil melting point of 22 degrees. So cocoa butter chocolate in the mouth than the real chocolate melt faster. The real chocolate, melted in the mouth feel the same as the snow slowly melting; and cocoa butter chocolate is the main component of hydrogenated vegetable oil, melting in the mouth very quickly, the so-called "entrance".

C. Smell different

True chocolate cocoa is a natural cocoa incense. Fake chocolate contains no cocoa butter and its fragrance comes from artificial flavors. When you put these two products were placed in sealed food bags, smell the smell of time, you can clearly compare the two completely different. True chocolate cocoa is a kind of very sweet with a bitter taste of the fragrance, this fragrance continued and rich, and the generation of cocoa butter chocolate fragrance, is an erratic, sweet with candy, the beginning of a smell. Very fragrant, but continued to re-smell will become increasingly weak, and then become very light.

D. Fresh requirements are different

Soft filling - real chocolate with fresh cream modulation, short shelf life. Fake chocolate with hydrogenated oil modulation, long shelf life. If you do not eat in time, especially in dry air exposed to 3-5 days, the taste of chocolate will be greatly reduced, and quickly dry, if the long-term use of chocolate, In a warm and humid environment will be mildew. And the generation of cocoa butter chocolate, no matter how long in the air will not dry and keep a sense of lubrication, because it is modulated with hydrogenated oil, and supermarkets, like chocolate, good stability, it is estimated that one year will not deteriorate, Shelf life is very long.

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