Chocolate equipment: the domestic market brand competition at the low end

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Chocolate equipment: the domestic market brand competition at the low end

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Chocolate equipment: the domestic market brand competition at the low end

Chocolate is not processed properly, incomplete; power is weak, slow product replacement and other issues, the overall image has not been able to get rid of the quality of taste, can only wander in the low-end market, the embarrassment of the situation, there is still a lack of domestic brands of chocolate,

3, a huge role on the domestic market

Of the entry, led the domestic consumer of chocolate consumption, and promote the development of the domestic chocolate market, its advanced, high-quality products, exquisite packaging to promote China's chocolate brand constantly upgrade themselves.

But there are disadvantages, do not understand China, in terms of errors such as the famous beverage, because too high, and failure in the Chinese market. The first of the Chinese market circulation system, market structure, and the way, geographical differences, consumer psychology ,,, taste differences such as understanding and grasp not comprehensive, specific and true. The second foreign famous brand of chocolate, its quality and grade is better, but some imported chocolate is an ordinary foreign brands, the quality may not be as good as the Chinese domestic production of chocolate. Third, the freshness of chocolate produced in foreign countries than in domestic production. If it is the same quality of the brand name products, is the experience of consumers, can feel the freshness of production in China than the imported products better.

4, the domestic consumer misunderstanding of chocolate

Due to lack of understanding of the chocolate enough, consumers generally exist chocolate is high sugar, high-calorie candy, not only will make the body fat, but also lead to wrong understanding, resulting in some consumers want to eat, Afraid to eat.

5, chocolate brand is not the main cultural card

Chocolate is a product with profound culture, couple culture, health culture, but in the current market focus on the brand still highlights the quality of chocolate, such as the good time is their own little body, big taste, Dove is milk Shannon silk feel, is smooth, wonderful chocolate demands in delicious and so on.

6, consumers re-brand quality is more important

Although consumers love these two foreign brands of chocolate, but asked consumers like to eat foreign brands or domestic brands of chocolate, nearly half (45.7%) of consumers as long as the product quality, cost-effective, it does not matter abroad Or domestic brands, there are 32.1% of consumers like foreign brands, like domestic brands accounted for 22.2%. Mainly due to foreign brands currently on the market in the quality of chocolate products are generally better than the sake of domestic brands. 93.6% of consumers believe that the current market, the biggest drawback of high-grade chocolate products is the price is too high. High prices are the main factors affecting high-end chocolate consumption.

7, the gift market

CMMS2004 (Spring) data show that: China's chocolate market, the consumption of chocolate in the form of gifts accounted for 52.4% of total consumption. In the gift market, Dove is still 40.2% of the brand, and Kyrgyzstan, and good, Nestle ,,, M & Ms ,, and other brands later.

And the overall pattern of the chocolate market is slightly different, in the chocolate gift market, foreign brands have increased share of domestic brands to further shrink. Ferrero, are the world's leading chocolate brands. Among them, Switzerland is the most famous chocolate, it is recognized as the world's best chocolate, Swiss lotus product characteristics: the use of more than 170 kinds of chocolate ingredients; adhere to the selection of superior and; try to keep the taste of chocolate flavor; sweet Smooth, chocolate is the best. And Ferrero are Ferrero's family of chocolate brands. Ferrero products are generally expensive, it has its unique product price, that is: focus on the physical or emotional needs of consumers rather than the actual needs of the price they are willing to pay, and that the price of the product and product image and positioning closely related. Thus, Jin Sha, Ferrero price is high, but with its noble image and the supremacy of quality is the same, it can eventually form a consistent identity in the minds of consumers and success.

8, chocolate consumption has been the direction of the brand

Brand is the experience between consumers and products, she is the consumer's personalized choice, while the brand also represents the high quality and high visibility, and so on. In the chocolate market, only the well-known brands can guarantee the raw materials of the products. The product of the process has a very strong increase. Chocolate as a very special product, its rush, logistics and other aspects of the request is very high. So only well-known brands to provide consumers with this guarantee, while providing consumers with stable, high-quality products. Chocolate is a very personal food, it can extend a lot of people living standards of material and spiritual life requirements. The charm of chocolate is that it includes sweet, bitter, and bitter taste, its taste represents the experience of life. Chocolate equipment

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